Product name Home/ Office footrest
Weight 2.6kgs
Material Thermoplastic rubber/ carbon steel
Packing 1pc per inner box, 6pcs per out carton
Color Dark grey
Surface feature Non tip
Dimension 460*350mm
Suited for All people


Children / Adult Footrests Pedal Office Stand Under Desk Adjustable Foot Rest

1. According to the design of ergonomic pebbles, the bump structure allows the foot to relax when fully massaged. The foot massage is often beneficial to the blood supply of the brain and reduces the pressure on the feet.

2, folding design, carrying aspects, just like carrying a briefcase, you can go to the office at home without going to the bath

3, highly independent adjustment, can be tilted to lie flat

4, balance lying: can be adjusted according to the needs of high and low balance lying. Let the legs relax in the chair and pedal


5, angle step: you can adjust the angle according to the needs, so that you are in the office for a long time, more convenient foot massage and activities


6, using environmentally friendly ABS material, light carrying, simple structure, practical and convenient, is an ideal office auxiliary device for units and families.

7, after folding size: 400 * 300 * 100

8, the maximum load: 45KG

9, adjustable angle 0 ° -15 ° -30 ° -45 ° -60 ° -75 ° -90 ° adjustable height 10-33CM

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