Massage Roller Stick

Massage Roller Stick

length 44.5 cm
Handle 10.6cm
Material PP+TPR+metal
Packing 1 piece per color box
color box 44.5*4*4cm
Pcs per carton 25
ctn size 50X22X22CM


Unique massage roller design, roll your muscles with this massage stick after exercises, can eliminate lactic acid, relieve muscle soreness and allaying tiredness

The helps boost circulation to the hand and foot – along with all of the items, is a useful addition to athletes recovering from crossfit, yoga, pilates, or any other sport.

Use the environmental safe material With soft arc handle, more comfortable to use The massage stick is suitable for calves, hamstrings, back, limbs, neck and shoulders, arm, shoulder, waist, hip, leg, etc
Restores and Rehabilitates Pre Work out and Post workout by loosening tight muscles and accelerating muscle recovery Loosen pressure and trigger points to instantly relieve pain and soreness increase mobility.

Compact Size and Ergonomic design : The length is the perfect size for home, gym, field and travel use.

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