Personal Security Alarm

Personal Security Alarm

How to use it Easy to use the alarm will be activated when you pulled the contact pin out, To silence, just inset the contact pin in, the alarm will be off.
Product 130db Safesound Personal Alarm High Powered With LED Lights, Ultra Durable & High Quality
For women Female anti wolf alarm Invest in a personal alarm that can help you attract attention and deter attackers in dangerous situations.
For elderly SOS device for the old. You can keep this personal body alarm on hand to use when you need urgent help
For kids A personal alarm will be good for a child who returns home during hours when there are many people around.


MULTI-FUNCTION: With LED lights, the emergency alarms can be applied for night lighting, suitable for people at all ages such as students, elderly, children, women, night workers and so on; You can also use them for traveling, hiking, camping and dog walking at night.

COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: The safety alarm keychain has a portable size for easy storage and carrying; It can be attached to women’s bags, backpacks, school bags, belt loops, suitcases, keys, dog belts and so on; And you can take it even you are on the plane.

ULTRA DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY: Portable Personal Alarm uses superior environmental and durable ABS plasticn, resistance to fall, crush and voltage, and high temperature, and the copper plug, not rusty, beautiful and durable, won’t break in your most adverse conditions.

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